Meet the Team

Andrea Miller | Clinic Director

Andrea grew up in a small town in upstate ny and participated in many sports: golf, skiing, hiking, and horseback riding. she went to boston college as a pre-med student, only to realize she loved working with people but not ‘cutting’ them . She seem to have a knack for business and in 1970 graduated with a b.s. in accounting and practiced auditing & taxes for a few years prior to joining a fortune 500 company and at that time dealt with many radio & tv stations. At one point she was asked to become the controller for a brokerage firm and worked a few years until recruited to work in wall street. When a change in the market occurred she decided to take time off and began to raise money for charities; in education, religious and health. She set her mind to helping others. During that time, when asked by Dr. Miller if to consult for him, she took on the challenge, and now with Dr. Miller for over 18 years is very proud to be part of a practice that still believes in real medicine and is fully dedicated to the patients, research and enhancing the office with many technical advancements which make it easier for the patients to go thru their care.

Kim | Dental Assistant