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Almost every adult will lose a tooth and as we get older, more Americans will suffer with missing and failing teeth.There are now affordable dental implant solutions and The Center for Advanced Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry in Delray Beach, Florida are leading the way in innovative dental implants treatments. Delray Beach Dental Implants are a permanent solution for dental problems. And now your treatment, from Robert J. Miller, DDS. , can often be accomplished in just one day*

And without the need for additional bone graft surgeries.In fact, dental implants can last a lifetime and have become the choice for replacement of missing and failing teeth. Robert J. Miller, DDS. has completed over 2000 implant surgeries (representing over 7000 implants) over 30 years.

Robert J. Miller, DDS. has become a leader and pioneer in dental implant treatment delivery.

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“Dental Implants are a surgical procedure.

Robert J. Miller, DDS. has the extensive experience in this area including administering anesthesia to provide comfort.”


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I have been practicing dentistry in Delray Beach, Fl for 30 years. Dedicating my life to this profession has been an incredible and wonderful journey for me. When I see someone leave my office looking beautiful after years of discomfort, bad smiles or finally finding a no pain solution in my office after years of rejection, it makes my day.  To better serve our patients,  we have combined 30 years of education enabling us to offer IN ONE OFFICE  for our PATIENTS COMFORT.

The ABOI Diplomate designation symbolizes the highest level of competence in implant dentistry. Certification by the ABOI attests to the fact that a dentist has demonstrated knowledge, ability, and proficiency in implant dentistry through a rigorous examination process.


Laser Surgery (many times helps avoid having to be numb and better healing after surgery too!)

Rehabilitative Dentistry: (crowns, bridges, fillings, cleanings)

Surgery: All Phases of Implant Surgery – Implant Prosthetics, 3-dimensional scanning to ensure accuracy prior to surgical issues as well as other possible ailments.

Cosmetics:  Full mouth reconstruction, Whitening, Botox and Juvederm.

— Robert J. Miller, MA, DDS, FACD, DABOI


Incisive tooth restoration before and after treatment


Whether for a missing single tooth, multiple teeth or a whole mouthful of missing or failing teeth, The Center for Advanced Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry provides comprehensive implant treatment professionally and affordably in a fraction of the time it would take many other professionals. That’s one of the many reasons Robert J. Miller, DDS. is considered a pioneer and lectures all over the United States and World to other Dentists. He advises how to give the patient the painless and fastest permanent bright teeth that last a lifetime and restores a confident and beautiful smile.


Our Clinic includes on-site 3D Imaging. The 3D Imaging technology costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. This technology provides three-dimensional and cross-sectional views that allow Robert J. Miller, DDS. to examine the quality and density of the bone that will anchor the dental implants; select the correct type and size of implants; determine the precise placements of implants and avoid the nerve and sinuses.

Every smile is custom designed, we have an in house lab for limited procedures but use multiple and highly specialized dental laboratories for each type of implant case. But we are directly involved in “prosthodontic reconstruction”.



When you come in for your risk free consultation at The Center for Advanced Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry, you will understand why there is a difference in implant providers. At The Center for Advanced Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry we specialize in implants. Robert J. Miller, DDS. regularly provides permanent implant solutions for patients suffering with dental problems.

You can afford to change your life with Robert J. Miller, DDS.

  • Our solutions usually  take one day*…less cost!
  • Our implant solutions usually do not require additional bone graph surgery…less cost!
  • Treatment plans usually call for fewer implants…less cost!
  • We offer many financing plans to fit your budget!
  • We file MEDICAL insurance for surgical procedures!


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*Qualified patients can have their procedure in one day after initial workup without additional bone graft surgery. Results may vary in individual cases.