Our dental team performs flawless oral surgeries to improve patient health and appearance. Every procedure is performed with your utmost comfort always in mind. You can enjoy TV entertainment and dental sedation options when you enhance your smile with any dental surgery.

Our dentist has immense skill in the realm of dental surgeries. He instructs a group of 30 students, both in the clinic and in the classroom. His experience in the hospital and as a teacher have given him advanced expertise that results in the most accurate surgical procedures.

Bone Grafting

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, can destroy your jaw bone. If you have suffered from tooth loss and jaw bone deterioration, you may not have sufficient bone volume to receive dental implants or other important surgeries. Fortunately, bone grafting makes it possible for these patients to regain the functionality of their jaw and rebuild a brand new smile.

Bone Replacement

Traumatic injuries, congenital defects, or gum disease can all lead to jaw bone deficiencies. Our dental experts can increase the volume and health of your jaw bone with bone replacement surgery. Our doctors will build up the bone in your jaw using bone from a tissue bank or bone from various parts of your own body.

Dental Implants

Our surgeon and his team are proud to provide dental implants surgery and restorations in Delray Beach. This process involves two procedures, including the placement of the implants into the jawbone and the restoration of the implants with replacement teeth. Our surgeon and team will work with you through both phases until you are pleased with your reliable new smile.


If facial or full mouth reconstruction is the best way for you to redesign your smile, you’re in good hands. Dr. Miller and his team can transform your bite, smile, and facial structure with precise surgical methods. Dental reconstruction yields high rewards with little time sacrificed by the patient.

Are you ready to learn more about the surgeries we offer at a Center for Advanced Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry? Even patients with complex oral health needs can discover fully functional and dazzling smiles here. Give us a call today!